About the Witch House Scene

Know Your Disaro and Tri Angle: Disaro Records — the mark of †‡† (Ritualz), White Ring, and ooooo — and Tri Angle are two of the greatest marks that put out music usually gathered in the Witch House type. Toss around Robert Disaro's name in discussion, utilizing "Disaro" on the other hand to mean the mark or the man behind the name. Call Robin Carolan, of Tri Angle records, just "Robin." Know that Tri Angle put out that Lindsay Lohan blend that contained some incredible Witch House discovers (discover this one yourself and see what you find along the way).  If you want to research some great witch house bands, the best place on the net to listen to is Witch House Radio -

Have an assumption on Salem: Salem is the best-known Witch House band. It's essential to have an assessment on them. Have the capacity to level headed discussion whether they're the best band on the planet or totally talentless pop artists who were legitimately booed off stage at SXSW 2010. Cherish them or disdain them, however please have the capacity to say something in regards to the band, regardless of the possibility that its just a remark on Jack Donoghue's hair.

Perceive the subtler contrasts in the music: Be capable in a portion of the contrasts between Witch House groups. Realize that Salem's style is "regulated down, slashed, and screwed," though White Ring is more dim bass corrosive club.

Know the starting point story: In 2009, the expression "Witch House" was composed intentionally out of entire fabric by two men: Travis Egedy of Pictureplane and Jonathan Coward of Shams needed to make a sort for their music, move music with dim, mysterious vibes. It didn't get on until Travis did a best-of-the-year thing with Pitchfork in